About Me

I'll keep it short. 

I'm an Information Architect, a visual and UX designer with over 12 years of experience designing for businesses and nonprofits; and over 8 years designing and managing web design projects. Along with IA, UX and visual design, my experience includes concept development and interactive project management. 

Raised in a military family during the flame-out of the late-century Soviet Union, I lived amidst unusual times, and therefore developed a penchant to “fight” ugly and confusion in all forms.

With a background in art and social science, I'm a visual storyteller driven by a need to understand and influence my audience. I love to solve problems. and I strive to design systems that are meaningful, simple, and intuitive, and help people to focus on what they do best: be human.

I'm currently available for new projects. My services include IA, UX design, visual design, UI design and visual branding.

I live in lovely Wenham, on a North Shore of Boston with my husband and kids. 
When not performing UX magic, I can be found teaching the art classes, making gourmet food for friends and, and exploring my passion for lifestyle photography.
Volunteer Experience: I run Art Appreciation Class for our local community - we have no name or branding yet ("Art Playhouse" is just an idea), but it's the idea of sharing our love and knowledge with a next generation. It's a class for 5y.o+ - we have done the projects based on famous and (almost) forgotten artists from all around the world; we focus on a respect, community, history and nature. I'm looking for new ways to collaborate with different medium artists on this project.
Here is a link to my photography site: http://lifesmilephoto.com
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